Touring Australia

Just finished touring Australia (Perth,Melbourne,Brisbane, en Sydney),New Zealand,Hong Kong,and Singapore with Russell Peters, on this leg of his Notorious World Tour 2013. It’s always a great experience to work and collaborate Russell. The opportunity to be exposed to thousands and thousands of people is awesome! I’m truly grateful to Russell for being a great friend and a man of his word. His fans have been incredible to me and I look forward to returning to some of the Countries/Cities to do my own shows in the very near future. So Australia, New Zealand,HK, Singapore, be on the look out!

Good to be back in LA!! I will be doing shows around town up until April 21st before I leave to do my own shows in Shanghai,China. So please come out and catch me when you can. Check my Calendar for dates and times!

I appreciate all the emails and support!! I will try and return every email. A lot of great things happening will let you know when they become official. Very excited about the things to come. Hope to see you at a show soon! God Bless