Been a few months…

It’s been a few months since I’ve left you guys a message. All is well! Been working on a lot of different things that I will share soon!

In a couple of weeks I’ll be heading to The Middle East and South Africa with my good friend Russell Peters. Don’t get to work with Russell that much, but it’s always a great when we do! Excited and grateful for this opportunity to work for different audiences across the world.

A lot of other great things happening, that I will update you on soon. Some up coming TV Appearances and other projects. You’ll be seeing me in a city near you very soon. Dates are coming in and It will be posted on my Calendar page. Also I will be performing a lot more when I’m home(Los Angeles)and will try to post those dates also.

This year has gotten off to a great start and excited to share with you the things to come!

Much Love,